France Investors’ Program: The New Competitive Stream Among EU States

Aug 03,2017

France is becoming more competitive both immigration and business wise.

On November 15th, 2016, we announced you that the French Investor Program or “Passport Talent”(renamed “French Tech Visa” by newly elected President Emmanuel Macron) – had gained in attractivity (Update on France Investors’ Program: 1 additional year granted to investors).

The French immigration-by-investment program offers a stronger title of stay since Q4 last year. Investors and their families are entitled to obtain a 4 years’ renewable Residency Card (3 years in the former program).

Additionally, the commitment to leave the French territory (previously applicable to Cambodian, Vietnamese and all ex-French colonies citizens), no longer exists.

On top of these achievements, President Macron’s recent announcements set a very friendly tone for foreign investors and entrepreneurs wishing to settle down in France. “This is the place to be, to invest”

Under the French Tech Visa, the investment could simply be passive provided that it satisfies the following conditions:

  • Investing EUR 300,000 in fixed tangible and/ or intangible assets;
  • Investing either directly or via a legal entity in which the investor holds 30% shareholding;
  • Owning at least 10% of the company invested in;
  • Creating/ protecting, or committing to create or protect, jobs within the 4 years following the investment;
  • Having a clear Police Clearance Certificate;
  • Satisfying Health requirements.

On the other hand, an active entrepreneur will have to comply with the same conditions in terms of investment and jobs requirement but will only be required to demonstrate the strength of his project through a solid Business Plan and Market Survey.

In terms of benefits, Healthcare System and Education’s free access demonstrate the assets offered by the French immigration-by-investment program. Families will also be allowed to file for an extension after 4 years and apply for PR after year 5 concurrently with citizenship or not. And they will not lose their PR status whether they divest or decide not to stay. Those are probably France’s main difference and attraction compared to Portugal, Italy Spain and Hungary.

Last but not least, the program enjoys a fast track processing time with a 1-month average delay to get visas in hand for the whole qualifying family to move to France.

Please do not hesitate to contact HLG Managing Partner Mr. Bastien Trelcat at or HLG Attorney Mr. Guillaume Matz at, to discuss about the program, your business idea or access a list of eligible businesses.